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Over the years, terrorist organizations have established various networks across the world and have inspired new ideas causing a rise in terrorist activities. This research examines the comparison of terrorist groups in Nigeria and Syria. The research focuses on different attack types and weapon types these terrorist groups utilize in different parts of their region. The fundamental question is: are the attack types in Nigeria by the Boko Haram group different from the ISIS group? This paper sets out to analyze the similarities and differences between these groups. The conclusion suggests measures the United States can adopt to restrict the activities of these terrorist groups.

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Over the past decade, there have been remarkable support for the Green parties in Britain, as environmental issues have become more popular. Due to the geographical division of Britain, the Green parties of Scotland, the Green party of Ireland, and the Green parties of England and Wales will be examined. Four methodological approaches were utilized to compare the structures of these Green parties in Britain, namely: Origins and development, sociological composition, ideology and policy positions, and organizational structure. However, as independent as the British Greens are, does being in power change the focus of the Greens in Britain? Has it affected the Political Programme? The findings show it has an effect to an extent, but it has not changed the aggregate focus of the Green Parties. Due to their independence, we conclude that the Green parties in Britain have different political programs that are tailored to fit the party’s agenda.
This paper examines midterm elections in the quest to find the evidence which accounts for the electoral loss of the party controlling the presidency. The first set of theory, the regression to the mean theory, explained that as the stronger the presidential victory or seats gained in previous presidential year, the higher the midterm seat loss. The economy/popularity theories, elucidate midterm loss due to economic condition at the time of midterm. My paper assesses to know what extent approval rating affects the number of seats gain/loss during the election. This research evaluates both theories’ and the aptness to expound midterm seat loss at midterm elections. The findings indicate that both theories deserve some credit, that the economy has some impact as suggested by previous research, and the regression to the mean theories offer somewhat more accurate predictions of seat losses. A combined/integrated model is employed to test the constant, and control variables to explain the aggregate seat loss of midterm elections since 1946.
Ajibola, Y., Kociubuk, J., & Jackson, C. (2024). Learning About Life in the US: A Pilot Study on the Information Behavior of Nigerian Diasporans. IConference 2024 Proceedings

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  • LIS 201: The Information society
  • LIS 500: Code and Power
  • LIS 510: Human Factors in Information Security
  • LIS 461: Data Ethics & Policy
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