Project 1

Company Gamification Plan

We are embarking on a design research project to enhance the engagement and gamification elements of a mobile application. The application aims to provide an interactive and captivating user experience, motivating users to achieve their goals and ensuring long-term app usage.

UX research Skills

  • User Interview
  • Survey
  • User Persona
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Mapping
  • Diary Studies
  • Literature review
Project 2

Project Overview: Smart cities are modern innovations intended to improve the quality of life through advanced technologies. However, most of these smart city decisions are made at the top level – often excluding the participatory input of the community. In this project, we wanted to learn how community engagement and inclusiveness are addressed in contemporary smart city initiatives.

Project 3

This project was an academic group project which brought about the desire to transform the City of Muncie – a historic city in Indiana, into a smart city. Our project entails proposing ICT solutions. As of 2020, Muncie’s population was estimated at 67,000. With the small population of Muncie and the limited infrastructure in the city, our goal for this project was to collaborate with residents of Muncie and inquire about which areas need to be strengthened.

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