Project: Transforming the City of Muncie to a Smart City

(Research + Design Iterations)


This project was a collaborative effort with my academic course colleagues. I served as a ‘UX Researcher’ during the project.






This project was brought about by the desire to transform the City of Muncie into a smart city. Our project entails proposing ICT solutions. 

We realize the best way to help Muncie is to encourage open communication between the different aspects of the community. Opening the communication pathway is a proven method to improve collaboration and innovation. To develop this communication platform, we
propose developing a Smart Digital Town Hall that is composed of an application, an organization, and interactive kiosks. Through this initiative, we hope to improve public relations with the citizens, retain intelligent people, and encourage communication. We are going to
examine our problem space from a more systematic approach that largely depends on smart
governance and support using technology and data.


The objective of our project was to aid better communication for the citizens to people in power. We sought to offer solutions to encourage open communication between the different aspects of the community.



·       Created journey maps

·       Conducted interviews

·       Performed exemplar study




  • Interviews:

Semi-structured interviews were used to find why students cheat by addressing a key question:

  1.  What changes would residents like to see in the city of Muncie?

To achieve this, we conducted face-to-face interviews with residents of Muncie and students of Ball State University.

  • Exemplar Study

We did an exemplar study on cities that have adopted these smart initiatives (for example, Columbus, OH).








The goal of the project is to improve community relations between the government and citizens via ICT solutions. Upon completion of this project, it was presented to the Mayor of the City of Muncie