Our goal is to assist mothers with everything from learning how to bathe a newborn to scheduling the next pediatric appointment to knowing how to prep a hospital bag for delivery.

We want to use a mobile app to improve access to knowledge and services that first-time pregnant women may lack. Trustworthy information about their baby's needs, access to online prenatal services, and a vibrant support system do not currently exist in one approachable experience. 


To assist recent mothers and soon-to-be-mothers throughout the process of childbirth



This survey was designed to gauge the user's input on pregnancy apps. We targeted a specific audience (First-time pregnant women and First-time dads) who will be influential in helping predict this research. We were versatile in our methods and employed Interviews and Surveys. We employed interviews to gauge the user's view on past or existing pregnancy apps. For the surveying part, we wanted to hear what medical professionals felt about interacting with different pregnancy apps. 


  • Nursing mothers/expecting mothers
  • Recent mothers (~2yrs ago)


  • Gynecologists 
  • Delivery nurses 


After conducting a series of surveys and interviews, we also incorporated 'competitive analysis' in our research so as to gauge compare and contrast potential solutions. In addition to that, we created a mini 'empathy user map' to depict possible additions to the app.