I am a Ph.D. student at the Information School (iSchool) at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Prior to this, I obtained my master’s in Political Science (M.A) and Information Communication Sciences (M.Sc).

Currently, I am working on topics revolving around ‘Data’ in Artificial Intelligence (AI). My current research examines the issues of digitization around Low-Resourced Languages. This involves the issue surrounding data collection/acquisition for advanced computer processing. Specifically, I am looking at the dynamics of relevant ‘Data’ for Machine Translation of low-resourced languages ~ African languages. I hope to carry out field research in relation to data acquisition in developing nations.

I am always happy to talk about research, sports (especially soccer), or fieldwork. Whether looking for a research collaborator or a conversation, do not hesitate to email me and/or follow me on social media.

Research Interests:

-Information Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D)


-AI & Society

-Smart Cities